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[Code] Flying Header Text.
Description: This code allows you to add text of your choosing to your herader and once your desired text is in place as well as the code in your header, the text you chose will Fly in letter-by-letter.

You Can modify The speed of the text when it fly by editing this part of the code:

speed = 105; // milliseconds

The lower the number the faster.

You can Modify The text size and decoration by editing this:

<i><h3 id="fly">Your Flying Text Here!</h2></i>

<h3</h3 is what you need to modify for the size the lower the number the bigger the text note that the Hhx</hx> only goes as far as <h6

For Text decoration modify <i></i> to any html tag.


Rating: ***** By 1 members
Code Author: DzinestaR
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